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Example of selling benefits

Here is an example of selling benefits instead of features. Show people what they can do better, instead of what your application can do.From Highrise blog: You don’t need another address book; you need a way to keep potential deals from falling through the cracks. You don’t need another email client; you need to get better […]

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CSS is 20 years old

CSS is 20 years old today. From Cascading HTML style sheets – a proposal – This document proposes a style sheet scheme for HTML documents. The proposed scheme provides a simple mapping between HTML elements and presentation hints. Properties like font family and window size can be suggested by the style sheet… The proposal used wording like ‘hints’ and ‘suggest’ to describe CSS. […]

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CSS rules priority

Types of selector has the following priority order. !important > inline style=”” > ID > class > DOM Element When two selectors are in the same types, the count determines the orders. Demo:

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Focus means saying no to phenomenal ideas

From MacRumors: Jonathan Ive also shared details on Steve Jobs, saying that Jobs was “the most remarkably focused person” he’d ever met in his life. “You can achieve so much when you truly focus,” Ive said. “What focus means is saying no to something that with every bone in your body you think is a phenomenal […]

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Responsive Philosophy

“Web experiences should respond to multiple contexts so that they’re meaningful to every reader, in every moment, on every device.” From The next big thing in responsive design. should respond not only to the screen size, but also respond to the readers. For example, it may show “Welcome back” for returning readers. It may store […]

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Guide to migrate OhLife entries to DayOne

This is a step-by-step guide to migrate your OhLife entries into DayOne. It’s text only because of the limitation of format OhLife exported. Prepare You need the exported text entries from OhLife. The service is generating the archive for every user. You can download the archive from the header of OhLife. The archive contains photos […]

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Do you really need so many apps?

I have only 1 page of apps in my iPhone. All my daily apps are accessible via the only home screen. I don’t use too many apps every day. Here are my essential apps: phone, web browser, todo list, Commit and Drafts. I do have folders. One folder is called “Page 2”. It’s the folder […]

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Story of Makzan

This is a brief history on how I became myself. Beginning Web Design I started learning web design when I was thirteen, 15 years ago. I learnt most of the skills by making websites for different contests. I learnt most of the server side skills when creating a discussion community for the classroom, long before […]

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My thought about death

This is my thought about death and the contribution to the human race. The post was written in Chinese during the flight from Seoul to Macao, at June 2014. 死亡其實並不可怕。每個人都會死亡,這是必然會發生的,必然會發生的事,為何要怕? 我們怕的,其實是還沒有做的事沒有機會做了。還沒有看見兒子長大,還沒有完成某(堆)事。怕失去親友,因為過往沒有爭取太多時間共處。還沒有及時享樂,還沒有做出一番事業。總之就是怕再沒有時間去完成一堆堆的事情。 我認為作為人類,死亡只是一個個體的終結,但這個終結確確實實為新生代提供了空間成長。正正由於人類能夠用語言表逹,這使死去的人類不再是沒有意義,每一個死去的人,在其生前均對人類歷史作出了改變。而每一個人類的所作所為,均能為新生代提供借鏡。個體死亡後,還有千千萬萬其他人及下一代能繼續走下去。所以我認為,只要我們撤除自我中心,將視點退後一步,更宏觀地看,以整個人類來看,人生只要曾經為人類作出貢獻,無論大小,便已經對得起自己,對得起人類。我不把這認為是偉大,我認為這是人類生存的基本事實。 我想,若我們每天都活得無悔,定期都在為人類作出貢獻,其實死亡是不可怕的。所以面對人生無常的方法是活在當下,讓每天都過得精彩。工作要完全投入,玩樂要玩得盡興,Hea 要夠 Hea,若每天皆能如此,然後每天晚上均能滿足地笑著睡覺,人生便無悔了,亦不會再懼怕死亡了。

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