HTML5 Game Development [Video]

This video course shows you how to build two HTML5 games in two hours with fast-paced beginner-friendly style.


I teach web design. I write books on HTML5 games development. I host classes on mobile web and app development. I made animation with Adobe Flash (now Animate).

3 thoughts on “HTML5 Game Development [Video]”

  1. Hi Makzan,

    I bought your course on Packt and it the bitmap images aren’t working for the first game(clickable tiles). The bitmap images of the tiles are not clickable and there is an error in the easel.js file in the console. I have downloaded the code provided and it does not work either. Do you know if something has to be updated?

    1. Hi Colin,

      Most probably you’re running the code in local, by double-clicking the HTML and opened in file://. Browser may block access to the bitmap data in this situation. You may check if the error log by opening the developer console (F12 in most case). If it’s the above case, it shows a security error of access denied. You may run the code in a web server. A simple one that server static files may do the trick.

      Otherwise, you may post the error and let me inspect what’s going wrong in the code.

      Thanks and Best Regards,

      Thomas Mak

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