CreateJS Getting Started Code with Retina Support

The following code snippet is the boilerplate to initial CreateJS library with device’s retina screen support.

class App {
constructor() {
this.canvas = document.getElementById("app-canvas");
this.stage = new createjs.Stage(this.canvas);
// keep redrawing the stage.
createjs.Ticker.on("tick", this.stage);
retinalize() {
let originalCanvasWidth = this.canvas.width;
let originalCanvasHeight = this.canvas.height;
let ratio = window.devicePixelRatio;
if (ratio === undefined)
let height = this.canvas.getAttribute('height');
let width = this.canvas.getAttribute('width');
this.canvas.setAttribute('width', Math.round( width * ratio ) );
this.canvas.setAttribute('height', Math.round( height * ratio ) );
// Set CSS = width+"px"; = height+"px";
this.stage.scaleX = this.stage.scaleY = ratio;
// save original width & height into stage
this.stage.width = originalCanvasWidth;
this.stage.height = originalCanvasHeight;

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