Testing to make a video teaching clip solely on iPhone

I’m Testing to make a video teaching clip solely on iPhone.

git merge in 30 seconds

It’s done in ExplainEverything + Clips + Memopad.

The raw drawing animation is recorded in ExplainEverything. The Clips app is for editing and recording the voice over. Memopad and other graphics app are for drawing static frames.

What’s missing here is the ability to import an audio from my iPhone as a voice over. Now Clips app only supports importing songs from my Music library. I’d love to record the voice over with the USB microphone (into its own app) and use the voice in the Clips app.

Update: I managed to put my voice over into a separated video and overlay the voice on top of the Clips-exported video by using the Pinnacle Studio Pro app.

I teach web design. I write books on HTML5 games development. I host classes on mobile web and app development. I made animation with Adobe Flash (now Animate).

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