Migrating inQRCode.com from Ruby on Rails to static hosting

I often need to have a quick QR code generation from URLs. Really quick. For example, when I am teaching mobile web class, I demonstrate the code and put the QR code up on screen for students to scan into their mobile phones for testing.

That’s why I had written a tiny tool named inQRCode.com. I can append any URL to it. For example, when I was in https://example.com, I can simply prepend the tool URL into https://inQRCode.com/https://example.com to generate the QRCode for that.

Previously I used Ruby on Rails to implement this tool. It was overkilled. Earlier this year, I rewrite the tool into static HTML and hosted on Netlify.

I need to route everything into the index.html for the JavaScript based QR code generation. The _redirect feature in Netlify can facilitate this requirement.

In my _redirect file, I route every URL to index.html.

/* /index.html 200

That is how I migrated the inQRCode.com into static hosting.

I teach web design. I write books on HTML5 games development. I host classes on mobile web and app development. I made animation with Adobe Flash (now Animate).

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