My recent software stack

Last post, I shared the services and tools that I used in my digital life. Here is my recent software stack as well:

My recent used software:

  • HEY for email, all emails forwarded in.
  • Milanote as thinking space. The board gives me freedom to gather ideas and writings in non-linear way.
  • Notion for books/courses writing. I’m still exploring the writing flow between Notion or Git.
  • MZHub, private Zettelkasten notes system built with Ruby on Rails.
  • MZFocus, private time block system built with Ruby on Rails and sync to Calendar app.
  • RubyMine for Ruby on Rails development.
  • Sublime Text for general coding and text processing.
I teach web design. I write books on HTML5 games development. I host classes on mobile web and app development. I made animation with Adobe Flash (now Animate).

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