is almost perfect is almost perfect as a digital notebook.

The only concern is what makes Craft so responsive fast. and what makes the slow editing process in Basecamp shines. That is the instant editing feature.

I have hesitate to use software with instant editing feature. I often afraid of one day I miss type something and changed the documents without my intention.

You may argue that I can always have version control. But when you don’t know you changed something, you don’t know. What’s worse is when the version control has a limit, says 30 days history. Then after a month, your accidentally edited document are changed, forever. The original content lost.

On the other hand, I like writing in the Docs & Files tool in Basecamp. It requires me to click “Edit” to make changes and “Save a new version” to check-in the changes. There is a permanent history for track changes too.

Writing interface in Basecamp.
Writing interface in Basecamp.
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