About Makzan

Makzan reading book at home.

I am makzan, an author and course trainer from Macao SAR. I’ve trained international-award-winning students in web technologies and graphics design.

Thanks for enjoying my writings.

You can email me via mak@makzan.net, or ping me via twitter. You may chat with me for any questions via the chat box on this site too.

I post code on codepen and github. I post daily updates in microblog.

In case you need my formal résumé, you may download my résumé in English or the résumé in Chinese.

A brief history of Makzan

Here is a brief timeline of me.

  • 1999 Start web design with (Macromedia) Flash 4.
  • 2000 Designing website with table based layout & Adobe Flash.
  • 2003 Won 🥉bronze medal in Web Design in WorldSkills.
  • 2003 Awarded Achievement Certificate by Macao SAR Government.
  • 2008 Designing website with HTML+CSS layout.
  • 2009 Becoming expert in Web Design and Development in WorldSkills.
  • 2010 My first iOS game released as first batch of iPad apps.
  • 2010 My first book got published.
  • 2011 Mentored my competitor to win 🥉bronze medal in WorldSkills.
  • 2013 Mentored my competitor to win 🥈silver medal in WorldSkills.
  • 2017 Mentored my competitor to win 🥇gold medal in WorldSkills.
  • 2018 Awarded Medal of Professional Merit by Macao SAR Government.
  • Now Skill Competition Manager at WorldSkills.

Books published

  • Beginning Git Version Control. (2021). LeanPub.
  • Mobile First Web Design. (2018). LeanPub.
  • Build website layout with Flexbox. (2015). LeanPub.
  • HTML5 Games Development by Examples. 2nd Edition. (2015). Packt Publishing. 
  • HTML5 Game Development Hotshot. (2014). Packt Publishing.
  • HTML5 Games Development by Examples. (2011). Packt Publishing. 
  • Flash Multiplayer Virtual Worlds. (2010). Packt Publishing.

Screencasts published

  • HTML5 Games Development Video Screencast, 2nd Editon. (2016). Packt Publishing. 
  • HTML5 Games Development Video Screencast. (2013). Packt Publishing.