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I am makzan, an author and course trainer from Macao. I’ve trained international-award-winning students in web design and graphics design.

Thanks for enjoying my writings.

You can email me via, or ping me via twitter. You may chat with me for any questions via the chat box on this site too.

I post updates on Facebook Page. I post code on github. I post my photos on instagram. I post quick thoughts on twitter.

In case you need my formal résumé, you may download my résumé in English or the résumé in Chinese.

A brief history of Makzan

Here is a brief timeline of me. You may also read my story.

  • 1999 Start web design with (Macromedia) Flash 4.
  • 2000 Designing website with table based layout & Adobe Flash.
  • 2008 Designing website with HTML+CSS layout.
  • 2010 My first iOS game released as first batch of iPad apps.
  • 2010 My first book got published.
  • Now HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript & Author


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