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Fake productivity

It’s so easy with the kinds of tools we now have to get the feeling of productivity, the sensation of productivity, without having to actually accomplish anything of merit or anything that we might actually find meaningful at the end of the day. — Jocelyn K. Glei, Offscreen 19 interview.

Read Post / May 10, 2018

Don’t rely on a single service

Do not rely on a software company, any software company, to provide you with a servoce for any length of time – especially one that is free. Investiscope wasnt free, but it should have been if it is suddenly shutting down. Obvisouly, the business mode didnt work. I encourage everyone to control their own data, […]

Read Post / April 12, 2017

Link: Short note on improving usability of scrollable regions

Link: Short note on improving usability of scrollable regions Making a [overflow:scroll] scrollable region operable for keyboard users is pretty simple. Add tabindex=”0″. The region will now be included in the focus order and when focused the keyboard user can scroll through the content. Nice tips on making overflow-scroll elements scrollable by keyboard.

Read Post / February 6, 2016

Link: Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess.

Link: Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess. Chess comes with a set of prescriptions and best practices. 1. e4 is considered a strong opening move for white. 1. h3 is not. That’s because chess is a closed system. There’s no random constraints, no dumb luck. The pieces always move the same, and the […]

Read Post / February 5, 2016

Touch Keyboard Types

Link: Touch Keyboard Types Nice cheat-sheet for mobile input types. The examples are the highlights of the page.

Read Post / February 1, 2016

The future of Parse, has no future

Link: The future of Parse Parse has agreed to be acquired by Facebook. We expect the transaction to close shortly. Rest assured, Parse is not going away. It’s going to get better. For less than 3 years, they already break their words.

Read Post / January 29, 2016

Is jQuery dead?

When I discuss with web designers on what tech they use these days, people usually talk about Angular, React, Flux, GraphQL, Ember, Meteor… the list goes on. But I didn’t hear people talk about jQuery. When you learn those frameworks/libraries, you usually search the equivalent way on how to achieve something in that framework without […]

Read Post / January 16, 2016

“Area of Concern”—My reference when creating todo list

When I’m making todo list items, I always go back to the following essay from Ryan Singer to remind me the areas of concern. Link: Managing Product Development by Integrating Around Concerns  The natural approach most people take at this point is to divide the work by role. They create a “design” todo list and a “programming” […]

Read Post / January 4, 2016

Refactor Until You Feel Almost Comfortable

Link: Refactor Until You Feel Almost Comfortable How do you know when you’ve refactored enough and when you’ve refactored too much? I asked Sandi Metz about this once; here is a paraphrase of her answer: “Refactor until you feel you are one step behind the solution you want. Avoid your comfort zone. And while you might see extractions […]

Read Post / December 27, 2015

Link: Japanese bookshop stocks only one book at a time

Link: Japanese bookshop stocks only one book at a time “This bookstore that sells only one book could also be described as ‘a bookstore that organises an exhibition derived from a single book’. For instance, when selling a book on flowers, in the store could be exhibited a flower that actually appears in the book. Also, […]

Read Post / December 26, 2015

Tabs in HTML is not easy

Link: How Tabs Should Work REQUIREMENTS: WHAT MAKES THE PERFECT TAB? All content is navigable and available without JavaScript (crawler-compatible and low JS-compatible). ARIA roles. The tabs are anchor links that: are clickable have block layout have their href pointing to the id of the panel element use the correct cursor (i.e. cursor: pointer). Since tabs are clickable, the user can open […]

Read Post / December 25, 2015

Link: (Webkit) More Responsive Tapping on iOS

Webkit has disabled click delay on non-scalable web page in its nightly build 2 months ago. And here is an update with mention of the touch-action CSS property. Link: (Webkit) More Responsive Tapping on iOS Putting touch-action: manipulation; on a clickable element makes WebKit consider touches that begin on the element only for the purposes of […]

Read Post / December 23, 2015

Link: Accessible dialog tutorial

Link: Accessible dialog tutorial This is an step-by-step example to make a fully accessible dialog according to WAI-ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices, by using the Ally.js library. ally.js is a JavaScript library simplifying certain accessibility features, functions and behaviors.

Read Post / December 23, 2015

Link: The web accessibility basics

Link: The web accessibility basics And while I always thought that it is not so difficult to find resources about these basics, the recurrence of that question prompted me to finally write my own take on this topic. So here it is, my list of absolute web accessibility basics every web developer should know about. […]

Read Post / December 23, 2015

“Force enable zoom” in Opera 34 for Android

Link: “Force enable zoom” in Opera 34 for Android Did you know that 61% of mobile sites don’t allow you to zoom? We’ve fixed that for you in Opera for Android 34, which we’ve released today. I always teach my web design students to allow scaling in mobile web. If you are making a web page, […]

Read Post / December 23, 2015

Opera Mini and it’s data saving

Link: So basically, feature support is important. But for those in countries that don’t have unlimited (or essentially unlimited) internet access, Opera Mini’s data saver features are incredibly useful. It seems that people are using Opera Mini mainly because of the data saving. I’m in 1GB plan and every month I run out of […]

Read Post / December 23, 2015

Floating action button and the distraction

Link: Material Design: Why the Floating Action Button is bad UX design The search FAB thus distracts the user from an immersive photo-browsing experience. By taking up real estate on the screen, the FAB effectively blocks content. User dumazy posted on Graphic Design Stack Exchange about a problem he encountered when the FAB blocked the “favourite” star as well as […]

Read Post / December 16, 2015

CSS Toggle Switch

Link: CSS Toggle Switch The beauty of this CSS toggle switch is that it is accessible when JS/CSS is not available. The following is the HTML it uses. Which works when in HTML-only environment. I also demonstrated a customized checkbox.

Read Post / December 15, 2015

IBM Swift Sandbox

Link: Introducing the IBM Swift Sandbox The IBM Swift Sandbox is an interactive website that lets you write Swift code and execute it in a server environment – on top of Linux! Each sandbox runs on IBM Cloud in a Docker container. In addition, both the latest versions of Swift and its standard library are available […]

Read Post / December 8, 2015

Old Web Today

Link: I miss those day I was using netscape to learn web design.

Read Post / December 4, 2015

What we can do today

In the post Engaging users with web, we see how we can use web technologies to build interaction with users. Link: This website let you check how your browser supports the latest web technologies.

Read Post / December 3, 2015

Engaging users with web

Link: Native or Not? The Untapped Power of Web Apps This essay lists what we can do on web, which is more powerful than you may expect. Of course the web has its limitation, but the web has its benefits too: Perhaps the biggest advantage the web has over native apps is how quickly users are […]

Read Post / December 2, 2015

Link: Git pretty

Link: Git pretty, a chart to handle mess in you git commits. A chart to help you clean up a messy git commit history.

Read Post / December 2, 2015

From Adobe Flash to Animate

Link: Welcome Adobe Animate CC, a new era for Flash Professional To more accurately represent its position as the premier animation tool for the web and beyond, Flash Professional will be renamed Adobe Animate CC, starting with the next release in early 2016. In the past, the web had many characteristics and personality. But it also came […]

Read Post / December 2, 2015

Link: Froggy, a game to learn CSS Flexbox

Link: Learning CSS Layout with Flexbox Froggy The goal of the game is to help the frogs get to their lilypads by writing CSS code. See if you can beat all the levels! A nice game to learn Flexbox:

Read Post / December 1, 2015

Material Design is for Google only

The way people talk about Material Design makes it feel as through it’s a new discovery in design. There are interesting principles in there, but I don’t see why another company would want to adopt Google’s design guidelines. Outside of Google I don’t think it’s a huge thing, and I don’t really think about it […]

Read Post / November 12, 2015

Basecamp 3

Link: Launch: Basecamp 3 I have been a fans of both the Basecamp product and the company behind it, formerly 37signals and now Basecamp. I clipped an interview to Jason Fried by OffScreen Magazine: We thought long about what it’d be like to concentrate on one product forever. We realised, through, that it’s not really one product forever. It may be one […]

Read Post / November 4, 2015

A easy-to-understand vim tutorial

Link: A vim Tutorial and Primer Vim as Language. Arguably the most brilliant thing about vim is that as you use it you begin to think in it. vim is set up to function like a language, complete with nouns, verbs, and adverbs. I learnt vim, but this would definitely be helpful if I have to […]

Read Post / October 21, 2015

OS X El Capitan License in Plain English

Link: OS X El Capitan License: in Plain English Slideshows made with Photo; same deal, don’t even think about using them for some commercial purpose. I have really thought about that, at least to use in my friends wedding. I cannot, don’t even think about it, just plain can’t, make money from MPEG/H.264/AVC videos I create. […]

Read Post / October 19, 2015

Jason Fried on Writing

Two quotes from Jason Fried on writing, from issue 12 of Offscreen Magazine. I guess I’ve grown to love it [writing] because it forces me to think and consolidate my thoughts. It forces me to be clear, to be able to explain what’s in my head to someone else. — Jason Fried The “bait for knowledge”: […]

Read Post / October 16, 2015

Webkit disables click delay on non-scalable web page

Link: When a viewport is unscalable (specified through the meta viewport tag) we do not add a delay to our single tap gesture recognizer. When we set the viewport to unscalable, which means we want that web page acts like an app. So we shouldn’t make our web page unscalable just for the sake to […]

Read Post / October 15, 2015

Steve Jobs Simplicity

Link: The One Thing Jony Ive Remembers Most About Steve Jobs Quite honestly, what’s remained, I never would have predicted four years ago. What’s remained is almost unremarkable, but what’s remained is his very simple focus on trying to make something beautiful and great. And it really was simple. There wasn’t a grand plan of winning, […]

Read Post / October 8, 2015

Props in getInitialState Is an Anti-Pattern

Link: Props in getInitialState Is an Anti-Pattern This isn’t really a React-specific tip, as such anti-patterns often occur in code in general; in this case, React simply points them out more clearly. Good tips on initializing values in constructor. There are difference between initialCount and count.

Read Post / October 3, 2015

Saying No

This week, the page Product strategy means saying No from Intercom is popular. Saying no is hard, but a great product manager isn’t afraid to make tough decisions to keep their product bloat-free. This reminds me the famous quote from Steve Jobs: “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not […]

Read Post / October 2, 2015

CSS Pattern with Repeating Linear Gradient

Link: Why Do We Have repeating-linear-gradient Anyway? I like the idea of using repeating-linear-gradient to generate pattern. They look cool! background: linear-gradient(135deg, #000 .25em, #0092b7 0); background-size: .75em/sqrt(2) .75em/sqrt(2);

Read Post / October 1, 2015

Do serifs make you tap?

Link: Do serifs make you tap? As a result of this test, we are considering shifting our mobile ads’ default font from Helvetica to Times New Roman. Interesting finding. By the way, I do love serifs.

Read Post / October 1, 2015

Probabilities for years left to live

You may have heard of 900 months—The months you have assuming you’ll live until 75 years old. And you can draw 900 squares in a piece of paper: Link: Years You Have Left to Live, Probably Today I come across this website with a simulator on the probabilities for years left to live. It reminds me […]

Read Post / September 30, 2015

A collection of desk

Link: Issue 34 of The Modern Desk I’ve recently come across several interesting desk concepts, so I thought why not create a special edition of TMD all about desks, workstations and laptop stands. Nice desks. I first met a standing desk setup in person in my Finnish friend’s home. Recently I also setup my standing desk at […]

Read Post / September 29, 2015

The first draft is always perfect

Link: The first draft is always perfect That’s right. The first draft is always perfect. perfect. Its only job is to exist. Like minerals. Like dirt. Like air. It just needs to be. All a first draft need be is an idea borne into reality. A first draft is something made tangible from nothing – its […]

Read Post / September 29, 2015

Accepting Custom Domain in Rails

Link: Adding Support for Custom Domains in Rails There are three main steps necessary for adding custom domain support to your Rails project: Have your users add a CNAME record pointing their domain to yours Update your routes to handle any custom domains. Add the controller logic to find resources using the custom domain For this […]

Read Post / September 28, 2015

Foundation 6 and CSS Preprocessor

Link: Foundation 6: Leaner, Meaner and Cleaner Sass Yep, let’s start with the bottom line: when writing Sass, remember that you’re always one step removed from your CSS output. In general, we shouldn’t be producing crazy CSS that we would never write without Sass. A good reminder on what we should becareful when using CSS preprocessor. […]

Read Post / September 28, 2015

Link Indicator

Link: Browser Link Indicator I was wondering why there are no indicators in our browsers, letting us know if a link is internal or external. Same thought. That’s why we, web designer, should at least code our own external link indicator.

Read Post / September 27, 2015

Features vs. Benefits

I clipped example of selling benefits instead of features. Here is another one. Link: Features vs. Benefits People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of themselves. As Jason Fried post on twitter: “Here’s what our product can do” and “Here’s what you can do with our product” sound similar, but they are completely different approaches. – Jason Fried

Read Post / September 26, 2015

Dealing with long words in CSS

Link: Dealing with long words in CSS Final solution This solution will show hyphens for every browser supporting it and will break lines in every other browser – perfect. This is a useful technique when you need to deal with long words in your web design. For example, when you need to reference a long city name.

Read Post / September 25, 2015

The web as at 2006

I came across this Flash website which was made in 2006. I miss those days with stunning websites. Link: Archive of Nike Air site In case you don’t have the Flash player, I captured the screen into the following video: Nike Air 2006 Flash Website.

Read Post / September 25, 2015

Stop breaking the web

Link: Stop breaking the web Do use a framework, but look into frameworks that are progressive-enhancement-friendly

Read Post / September 24, 2015

Single Task

Link: I’m Returning to Single-Tasking I’ve been a fan of Leo Babauta. I gave out his book to my friends as Christmas gifts. I just realise that I share similar single task strategy that he uses: One browser tab open. Know what I’m focusing on. Read to completion. One app on my phone at a time. Be mindful […]

Read Post / September 21, 2015

Restore deleted documents from iCloud Drive

Link: Quick Tip: Restore deleted documents from iCloud Drive To restore files, sign into your iCloud account through the browser, and go to Settings → Data & Security. You can then browse a list of files in the Recover Documents tab. Files are removed from Recover Documents after 30 days, so don’t wait long to restore something. A useful tip […]

Read Post / September 20, 2015

Lazy Design

I don’t know why every one is putting a large banner at the top of their web pages. I always think web site should present the important content at the top of the page, instead of a not-too-meaningful, actually often meaningless, large image, or video. As “Dear web designer, let’s stop breaking the affordance of […]

Read Post / April 16, 2015

Gray highlight and active state in mobile Safari

Link: CSS-Tricks: Remove Gray Highlight When Tapping Links in Mobile Safari This is a simple tricks but very useful if you’re trying to make a button in HTML looks like a real button in touch devices.Remove the tap highlight: and make the :active state works when user touches that element:

Read Post / March 18, 2015

Animation should be invisible to user

Good animation is invisible. You shouldn’t notice that you’re looking at animation. — Pasquale D’Silva Can’t agree more on this. Animation should never distract the user. User should not notice any transition. Having an interface transition too short then user will surprise on the sudden change. Having it too long then user will notice […]

Read Post / March 2, 2015

.htaccess resources This .htaccess snippets list is a great resource. I never write my own .htaccess from scratch. I always start from a template. And this resource provides everything I need for my .htaccess setup.

Read Post / February 25, 2015

How dollar sign was born

A note on how dollar sign was born. Source:

Read Post / February 1, 2015

Example of selling benefits

Here is an example of selling benefits instead of features. Show people what they can do better, instead of what your application can do.From Highrise blog: You don’t need another address book; you need a way to keep potential deals from falling through the cracks. You don’t need another email client; you need to get better […]

Read Post / October 11, 2014

Focus means saying no to phenomenal ideas

From MacRumors: Jonathan Ive also shared details on Steve Jobs, saying that Jobs was “the most remarkably focused person” he’d ever met in his life. “You can achieve so much when you truly focus,” Ive said. “What focus means is saying no to something that with every bone in your body you think is a phenomenal […]

Read Post / October 2, 2014

Responsive Philosophy

“Web experiences should respond to multiple contexts so that they’re meaningful to every reader, in every moment, on every device.” From The next big thing in responsive design. should respond not only to the screen size, but also respond to the readers. For example, it may show “Welcome back” for returning readers. It may store […]

Read Post / October 1, 2014