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On handling breaking changes in React

React is very careful for their updates and how things should work. Then the React team introduces new features, they will introduce it in advance and if changes contain breaking API change, they will rename deprecated methods and only remove it after enough preparation time from the community. Take the componentWillMount method as example. It […]

Read Post / 2020-01-18

ReactJS Examples

I’m writing some ReactJS examples to demonstrate how we use React as the view rendering library. It also shows how we do data-view separation. You can find the examples in the following CodePen collection:

Read Post / 2015-11-11

Props in getInitialState Is an Anti-Pattern

Link: Props in getInitialState Is an Anti-Pattern This isn’t really a React-specific tip, as such anti-patterns often occur in code in general; in this case, React simply points them out more clearly. Good tips on initializing values in constructor. There are difference between initialCount and count.

Read Post / 2015-10-03

Exploring Rails-React

I’m going to explore the Rails-React way to create my next web app. You may call me traditional, but I still don’t think pure client-side frameworkis a good idea. I’m going to use the server to pre-render the React result to the client. When user interacts on the web app. If the client is capable to run ReactJS […]

Read Post / 2015-09-27