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ReactJS Examples

I’m writing some ReactJS examples to demonstrate how we use React as the view rendering library. It also shows how we do data-view separation. You can find the examples in the following CodePen collection:

Read Post / November 11, 2015

Props in getInitialState Is an Anti-Pattern

Link: Props in getInitialState Is an Anti-Pattern This isn’t really a React-specific tip, as such anti-patterns often occur in code in general; in this case, React simply points them out more clearly. Good tips on initializing values in constructor. There are difference between initialCount and count.

Read Post / October 3, 2015

Exploring Rails-React

I’m going to explore the Rails-React way to create my next web app. You may call me traditional, but I still don’t think pure client-side frameworkis a good idea. I’m going to use the server to pre-render the React result to the client. When user interacts on the web app. If the client is capable to run ReactJS […]

Read Post / September 27, 2015