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Working on iPad

On using mouse or trackpad in iPadOS 13.4

iPadOS 13 from last September comes with the mouse pointer in the accessibility setting. In iOS 13.4, this ability is enhanced a lot. Upgrade from previous iPadOS If you have been using mouse or trackpad previous to the iPadOS 13.4, the mouse pointer configuration is now moved away from the “Touch” setting to the top […]

Read Post / 2020-03-25

An experiment on writing in iA Writer and sync to Working Copy

This is an experiment on using the Markdown Block in Working Copy with iA Writer. Working Copy supports Markdown Block as well While I can preview a single markdown file in Work Copy previously, the latest Working Copy updates include the support of Markdown content block. Although it is not like iA writer that supports […]

Read Post / 2019-05-28

iOS Shortcut: Convert PDF to Image

This is a simple shortcut that convert PDF into images. I often need to save PDF into image into other image-only application such as Day One journal. These PDFs may be a document scan, a screenshot of website via “Create PDF” from Safari. This is my go-to shortcut for these purposes.

Read Post / 2019-04-29

Trying PreText

From the latest MacStories newsletter, I learnt a new app called PreText. It is as if the TextEdit app all from macOS migrated into iOS. It does only one thing, text editing with files provider, and that is all we need sometimes. Although this app is not a replacement to my current writing workflow, it […]

Read Post / 2019-04-20