Makzan / I share what I learnt

What I’m working on now

This follows the /now movement by Derek Sivers.

I’m in Macao. I spend all my time on these things: (in order of time spent)

  1. Full time employee at Macao Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, where I promote information technology to Macao SME.
  2. Being a dad taking care of my several-months-old son.
  3. Updating HTML5 Game Development video course to 2nd edition.
  4. Writing essays / tutorials / screencasts on web technology.
  5. Read books / articles every day.
  6. Friends’ system projects that I help.
  7. Writing “10 Things Worth Sharing” every week.

They are my focus now. And same as Sivers:

I only do things for intrinsic reasons — not money.

I’ll update this page when my focus changes. First written at February 2016, no changes made yet.